Next Meeting: 16 May, 7 pm @ Wiwi-Cafe. Join us on Slack!

Berlin Learning & Intelligent Systems Society

We run weekly meetings to connect students from Berlin with machine learning researchers and practitioners and to deepen our knowledge of Machine Learning.


Every Week, we invite AI Researchers to give a 20 minute talk, followed by a 10 minute QnA with us.


Our community is the heart of our club, ​members actively engage in a range of ML activities.

Reading Groups

We also run weekly Reading Groups, in which we read and discuss papers from the ML literature.

Want to join us?

We work hard to be a welcoming community and we value diversity.
We try to be as open as possible to people from all backgrounds, while still maintaining the high quality of discussion in the group.
No previous knowledge in Machine Learning is required.
Come to our meetings: We meet Every Tuesday at 7pm in the WiWi Café (EB 302) at TU Berlin. You can also send an Email to ​[email protected]

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