Jan 10 2023

Ingimar Tomasson: Exploring Automatic Differentiation in Scientific Computing

On Tuesday, 10 January, one of our board members Ingimar Tomasson gave a talk on his work for a course in Scientific Computing (M.Sc.) at TU Berlin. He gave us an in-depth look into Automatic Differentiation, explaining how it can help solve the problems ...
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Nov 23 2022

Guest Speaker: Luis Müller

On Tuesday the 23rd of November, we were excited to host Luis Müller for a guest lecture on the topic "Graph Learning x Theory". Luis is a is a PhD student in the team of Christopher Morris at RWTH Aachen, and his work focuses on the intersection of graph...
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July 20 2022

Semester Closing

On Wednesday, July 20th, we came together to celebrate finishing the first semester of BLISS.Looking back, we find it super cool to see how much we achieved in less than one semester. Only a few weeks ago, we were a random bunch of people who only had the...
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July 13 2022

Guest Lecture: Leon Sixt

On Wednesday, July 13th 2022 we were excited to host Leon Sixt, PhD. Student in the Landgraf Lab at the Freie Universität Berlin for a guest lecture on the topic "Technical Challenges of Explainable AI". We were especially excited about this one, as a mem...
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July 6 2022

Guest Lecture: Dr. Richard Kunert

On Wednesday, July 6th 2022 we were excited to host Richard Kunert, Head of Data Science at Turbit for a guest lecture on the topic "Doing good with Machine Learning: establishing Data Science in production for wind energy companies". With Turbit, Richard...
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